April, 2020

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 Ultralight AG 80-88% germ-free

UV-C light for the disinfection


safe and environmentally friendly method


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Specific and efficient disinfection with UV-C light and in presence of people


Ultralight AG UV-C light disinfection



The germicidal effect of UV-C radiation


Short-wave UV-C radiation has a strong germicidal effect: it destroys or inactivates the microorganism in liquids, on surfaces or in the air, so that it can no longer multiply. The UV-C disinfection process requires no chemical additives and represents a recognised environmentally-friendly process.


Company Ultralight AG supplies UV-C systems and lamps for the disinfection of air, surfaces and water. These systems are characterised by compact construction, high disinfection performance and long service life.



Safe use in presence of people


Employee’s safety and protection of people in working spaces is higher than ever on the management agenda. Ultralight offers a closed Air disinfection system, suspended from the ceiling or fastened on the wall, which can be operated in presence of people.


The device consists of a matt anodized and completely closed aluminium frame. The UV-plant including wiring and electronic ballast are integrated into the housing. The air to be disinfected is guided into the device via fan and disinfected substantially and scientifically proven inside the housing by a UV lamp.





• Continuous operation, even with presence of people in the room
• High disinfection performance (80-88%)
• Long service life of the systems and the components
• Low energy consumption, low operational costs, low maintenance-operation
• Not affecting odour or taste
• Available in three configurations for different sizes of rooms






Half a century of UV technology from Liechtenstein


Company Ultralight AG, based in the Principality of Liechtenstein, has been active in the field of development and production of UV lamps and components for almost 50 years. Thanks to its decades of professional experience with the most varied applications of UV technology we offer supreme quality products characterized by reliability, quality workmanship and outstanding durability.



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