UV light - what are the advantages of choosing?

UV light is used in a number of applications as a preferred alternative to conventional methods. Air and water disinfection are among the common applications for UV light and there are several advantages; UV light is less damaging to the environment than chemicals and it also has better results. In the printing and woodworking industries, UV light is used for curing and bonding thanks to it being fast and economically sound. It is vital that businesses in certain sectors select a UV light that meets day to day demands and which is cost-effective and easy to install and operate. Ultralight AG manufactures exactly the type of UV light preferred for industrial use. Each UV light made by the company at their Lichtenstein plant is defined by high-grade materials, excellent design that is compatible with a range of power sources and durable construction. Ultralight AG is a world leader in UV technology and can assist you in selecting UV light products that fully meet your needs.


UV light - a wide range of solutions

Ultralight AG has 40 years of experience in the design and construction of affordable UV light products. The company prides itself on offering its many satisfied clients a service that is second to none. As well as its standard UV light range that numbers over 2,000 types, the company is able to adapt any of its UV light designs to meet your specifications. Whether you need more length or extra power, you can rely on Ultralight for the UV light you really want. Each high-performance UV light is made from highly transparent quartz for the best possible radiance and reflection. However, in certain areas where normal lamps are not allowed this type of UV light is not an option. Ultralight AG has devised several solutions to meet its clients demands and can make a UV light from synthetic quartz or that is ozone-free. Each of Ultralight's UV light collection can be fully customised as you require. Various types of metal and ceramic end caps can be fitted to allow you to easily integrate the UV light into your existing equipment. Every UV light is checked 100 percent at various stages during production and is made with exceptional attention to detail. Arc ranges for UV light products range from 50mm to 2,400mm but of course, other sizes can be made to meet your requirements.


UV light - Outstanding attention to detail

Each UV light made by Ultralight AG is durable and long lasting. You can expect your UV light to operate with a well-made system for several thousand hours with no apparent loss of radiance. As well as making the type of UV light its clients need, Ultralight AG offers fast delivery times across its entire range, including customised orders. Take a look at www.ultralight.li today to see what a high-quality, affordable UV light might mean for your business.


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