The UV LED lamp you can count on

Satisfied clients from a wide range of backgrounds rely on Ultralight AG for the type of UV LED lamp they can trust. A UV LED lamp is used in a diverse range of industrial and manufacturing businesses and the Ultralight AG UV LED module is the choice of international clients who demand reliable and well-made equipment. A highly qualified professional team of designers and craftsmen combine their knowledge and industry experience to create outstanding products like the Ultralight AG UV LED lamp module.

This high-performance UV LED lamp is ideal for dozens of applications including screen printing, offset printing, digital ink printing and the curing of varnishes, coatings, glues and adhesives. The Ultralight UV LED lamp system also represents exceptional value and is a cost effective solution for businesses of any size.


UV LED lamp system - take a closer look

The unique modular design of Ultralight AG UV LED lamp systems enables them to be customised to the smallest detail. These mercury-free UV LED lamp modules are also an environmentally aware choice, a factor that is increasingly important in today's climate.

This versatile UV LED lamp is perfect for curing applications in the UVA 365/385/395/405 nm wavelength ranges; choose standard versions with output ranging from one to 20 W/cm² or consult our team for customised high-power modules that meet your requirements. Each UV LED lamp is made using ozone free production processes and customers can choose between water or air cooling for peak irradiance of up to 10 W/cm². Water cooling is used to protect the high powered LED chips in the UV LED lamp at higher power levels and will also guarantee longevity and performance.

Every Ultralight UV LED lamp can be customised to the client's wishes; the light emitting panel can be made to measure and modules can be seamlessly linked to offer the perfect UV LED lamp solution over larger areas. Each UV LED lamp module can also be equipped with a range of intelligent functions and features such as single LED monitoring or temperature level monitoring that includes automatic shut-off.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which a UV LED lamp designed by Ultralight can be adapted to fit your production or processing needs. Why not take a look at to discover further ways in which UV LED lamp technology can be customised to work for you?


UV LED lamp satisfaction

Ultralight AG clients enjoy extra advantages such as speedy UV LED lamp delivery and outstanding customer service. The company has been at the forefront of UV LED lamp module development for over 40 years and continues to develop its range for clients around the world. You too can enjoy the advantages of affordable and easy to operate UV LED lamp systems - simply contact us by email or telephone for further information


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The UV LED lamp you can count on
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