UV lamps - enjoy the advantages

UV lamps or ultra-violet lamps have a wide range of uses today and businesses all over the world look to Ultralight AG for affordable and versatile solutions. The company manufactures over 2,000 different types of UV lamps at its Lichtenstein production facility. As well as this standard range, Ultralight AG is able to customise UV lamps to meet the ever-changing needs of clients in various sectors. UV lamps are used for applications in curing, disinfection and oxidation where power and reliability are essential.

More people than ever are choosing UV lamps as an affordable alternative to other methods. For example in water and air purification plants, UV lamps offer an eco-friendly method of disinfection that has dozens of advantages. Not only do UV lamps rule out the need for harsh, dangerous or hazardous chemicals, it is known that UV lamps are more effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and toxins. UV lamps are also used for curing in printing and manufacturing. Curing is simply a term that refers to the drying and setting of substances like ink, glue or adhesives, and is one of the most common uses for UV lamps.


Adapting UV lamps for your business

Ultralight AG UV lamps are made with care and attention to detail and each can be fully customised to suit your needs. Perhaps you want UV lamps that offer outstanding performance and increased reliability. Choosing Ultralight's range of UV lamps will ensure that you are protected from downtime and production loss that is caused by lamp failure. Robust materials, compact design and efficient manufacturing process result in powerful UV lamps that can operate for many thousands of hours within a suitable system. These easy to operate UV lamps can be integrated into your plant or production line with little disruption and offer a cost-effective solution for your business.


UV lamps - taking customer satisfaction seriously

For some clients, finding UV lamps that fully meet their needs can be difficult. Ultralight AG UV lamps can be adapted in various ways to fully adhere with the client's system. For example, metal or ceramic end caps can be fitted or UV lamps can be made with or without lead wires in the caps. This type of customisation allows UV lamps to cope with excessive heat and radiation and ensures that they can be adapted to almost any use.

The company is also happy to work with clients to design and develop special terminals for UV lamps for their exclusive use. Specially designed reflectors are another feature of UV lamps that can be adapted and Ultralight can also help clients select the method and rate of cooling that works best within their system.

Ultralight AG aims to offer its clients a fast, reliable and affordable service. Take a closer look at what sets our UV lamps apart today by visiting www.ultralight.li.


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