UV disinfection - the smart choice

 Ultralight AG leads the way in UV disinfection with a wide selection of low-pressure and amalgam lamps. Lamps for UV disinfection are manufactured at the company's Lichtenstein plant for clients in the water, air and food industries and can be tailored to your specific needs.

UV disinfection offers a reliable and fast method of sterilisation and Ultralight manufacture UV lamps which can be used for a number of applications such as polymerisation, curing and oxidation. However, UV disinfection is one of the most common uses for UV lamps. Low-pressure UV lamps such as those that can be seen at www.Ultralight.li are ideal for UV disinfection systems where they are an affordable alternative to medium-pressure mercury UV lamps.


UV disinfection - an ecologically sound solution

Several key industries depend on UV disinfection. UV rays kill toxins and bacteria in fractions of a second and low-pressure lamps are preferred over conventional lamps for UV disinfection. For example, water processing plants rely on UV disinfection for the inactivation or elimination of bacteria, toxins and viruses. The UV disinfection process is activated as water flows through a pipeline that is equipped with low-pressure UV lamps and which may also rotate. Because UV disinfection is defined by the physical application of ultra-violet radiation it is considerably more effective than other methods.

In fact, UV disinfection is also an environmentally acceptable choice when compared with chemical disinfection that requires the use of corrosive or hazardous materials. Ultralight lamps for UV disinfection are tough and reliable too and you can expect them to function for many years with no discernable loss of radiance. Choosing high-quality lamps is arguably the most important aspect of UV disinfection. Ultralight uses highly transparent quartz to make lamps that offer enhanced clarity and performance in UV disinfection.

We can also create lamps in synthetic quartz that are equally suitable for UV disinfection. Any of Ultralight's UV disinfection lamps can be made to the client's exact specifications. Choose end caps in a range of metals or ceramic for use with existing UV disinfection equipment or talk to one of our team for advice on creating a UV disinfection system with lamps that are built to the measurements you need.


The UV disinfection you can trust

Ultralight AG's fast service and commitment to customer satisfaction means that your UV disinfection operation will be implemented rapidly and at a lower cost than you may imagine. The company is dedicated to finding UV disinfection solutions for its clients that are affordable and easy to operate. Fast delivery times coupled with excellent customer service means that your UV disinfection needs can be met with the minimum of fuss and Ultralight has carried ISO Norm 9001 certification since 2003.

The company has over 40 years experience and knowledge of UV disinfection and continues to develop its products for clients around the world. Take a look at www.Ultralight.li in the first instance for more details on how your business can benefit from a customised UV disinfection system that combines affordability with quality and performance.


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