Power supplies that fully meet your needs

It's important that the power supplies you choose to operate and control your UV technology fully meet your requirements in terms of quality and cost. Ultralight AG excels in the manufacture of power supplies that are reliable, easy to operate and cost-effective. You'll enjoy a host of benefits with Ultralight's Phaser Evo range of power supplies.

Available in a choice of power ranges and configurations, Phaser Evo power supplies are an inspired blend of outstanding design and superior manufacturing techniques. The compact size and clean lines of Phaser Evo power supplies is an added advantage and means that you can easily integrate them into your production line or plant.


Why choose power supplies?

Independent power supplies such as the Phaser Evo series that can be viewed at www.Ultralight.li offer users more freedom and flexibility. These highly efficient power supplies have been specifically designed and developed for the operation of UV lamps. Electronic power supplies can streamline your operation and are suitable for use with low-pressure, medium-pressure and amalgam UV lamps. Mercury vapour lamps are used in many industrial sectors today and food processing, water or air plants are among the many satisfied clients who have chosen Ultralight's power supplies to control a vast selection of applications including UV disinfection and UV curing.

Whatever your particular field, power supplies that are simple to use and which won't eat into your profits are a bonus. Phaser Evo power supplies control your UV lamps with regular analogue signals or with a potentiometer. You can also opt to have Phaser Evo power supplies equipped with a free configurable interface that supports modern protocols. These affordable power supplies come in a comprehensive choice of configurations or power ranges that allow you more flexibility.

However, if you can't see power supplies in the power range or configuration you require Ultralight is able to offer additional options on request. Choose power supplies from the Phaser Evo series to ensure that all of your UV lamps function well and with no loss of radiance for thousands of hours. Longevity is essential in plants using UV technology and power supplies of this calibre will enable you to enjoy increased output for many years.


Power supplies: outstanding service and exceptional products

Ultralight AG aims to bring its many satisfied clients more choice and power supplies are no exception. The company has enjoyed ISO Norm certification since July 2003 thanks to its mix of customised solutions, technical knowledge and expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. When you pick Ultralight power supplies you are assured of products of the highest standard that have been made in Lichtenstein.

You'll also benefit from quick delivery times and the option to create customised power supplies with the assistance of our qualified, professional team. The company has developed its range of UV products over the past 4 decades and today you can find everything from custom built low-pressure UV lamps to power supplies and other accessories at www.Ultralight.li.


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