Electronic power supplies - setting the standard

UV lamps are used in a wide range of industries and it is imperative to choose versatile electronic power supplies for optimum functionality. Ultralight AG has over 40 years of experience in UV technology and offers a range of electronic power supplies that can be used in almost any setting. The company has developed very compact and efficient electronic power supplies specifically for use with UV-lamps; these affordable and well-designed electronic power supplies can be adapted for UV-disinfection, UV-oxidation, and UV-curing as well as for a variety of other tasks.

Each of the electronic power supplies manufactured by Ultralight is easy to control and will save your business or plant time and money. Ultralight AG is a leading name in UV technology and its electronic power supplies are chosen by clients in the timber and woodworking industry, food processing and manufacturing sectors. Affordable, efficient electronic power supplies such as the Phaser Evo series can be seen in more detail at www.Ultralight.li.


Electronic power supplies - take a closer look

Electronic power supplies are basically designed to operate and control UV lamps that are used for a number of functions. Ultralight AG has devised a range of solutions and its electronic power supplies can also be controlled using software that is installed in your plant. Easy to operate electronic power supplies mean that there is no need for special installation or operating procedures. Plus, Ultralight's affordable electronic power supplies are durable and reliable.

The Phaser Evo series of electronic power supplies is made to the highest standards at the company's facility in Lichtenstein and users benefit from a highly efficient way to operate and control the current and power in their UV lamps. The connection layout in these cost-effective electronic power supplies makes it exceptionally easy to control the current and voltage via analogue signals or with a potentiometer. Ultralight's Phaser Evo electronic power supplies can also be made with field bus interface that when configured enables them to be digitally-linked using common bus protocols.


Ultralight electronic power supplies - the smart choice

The high-grade materials and durable construction of all Phaser Evo electronic power supplies mean that you can rely on them for many years. Their compact design means less space is taken up by electronic power supplies for your UV lamps and they can be easily integrated into your production line. Choose electronic power supplies for lamps ranging from 2.5 kW to 40 kW from the Phaser Evo collection at www.Ultralight.li.

High-performance electronic power supplies range from 100 to 450 voltage up to 12 kW and to as much as 3000 volts at 40 kW. However, Ultralight is able to tailor electronic power supplies to your specifications for specialised application and you can find out more by telephoning or contacting us by email. Take a closer look at what advantages you might enjoy with electronic power supplies that are fully compatible with your UV lamps today.


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